I truly believe in nature and the ocean has been my comfort zone. As early in age as I can remember, the beach has always fascinated me with its curves. When I looked out towards the ocean I could see waves breaking, some waves breaking alone, some waves breaking with local guys surfing them. As a kid, I got lost in time so often watching the sunset, the surfing, the colors; as an adult, the beach and its surroundings is still my fix.


My appreciation for the beach became more intense when I bought my first camera. I captured every moment at beach, sunsets, surfing, travels and road trips. Today when I look back at these pictures I see them as priceless moments that were frozen in time.


Surf, travel and photography is what makes the most sense in my life. The ability to capture amazing moments that can be reproduced in expressive images, it is the quality of my work and the strength I feel from surfing photography.


Using the power of photography I am working hard to grow alongside the surfing industry. Weather it's shooting photos for a magazine or a surf sessions for a brand, I had the opportunity to produce outstanding content for Redbull Brazil Behind the Lenses' Project, and became one of The Inertia photo contributors.


"Let me know about your next surf and travel journey, I could assist you with photography"


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