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What a reward towards the work I have been producing. Working as an Artist Surf Photographer moments like this is the pure creation I envision in every trip I am fortunate to go. I want to thank you all that have been following my work and voted in this particular photo making it the winner of July's 2016 Photo Challenge by Surfline.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all!!


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July Photo Challenge by Surfline

July Photo Challenge by Surfline 


Hi everyone, I'm glad to be a part of Surfline's July Photo of the Month and I need your help raising the bar voting in this beautiful Puerto Escondido Moment. Voting and sharing will be a great support towards reaching my goals as a Surf Photographer. Thank you all, thank you my friends!

Ae galera, estou mais do que feliz de estar participando da competição de melhor foto do mês de julho na Surfline. Confere lá e vota na foto do Bala, vai ajudar muito na minha vida e trabalho dedicado a Fotografia de Surf. Compartilhem essa mensagem e muito obrigadão meus amigos, sou muito grato pelo seu suporte!


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XXL Mexpipe on the Eve of the Puerto Escondido Challenge

I was stoked to be in Puerto Escondido to shoot Lucas Chumbinho and Felipe Cesarano (Gordo) for last weeks’ swell. Then as this week approached, another big swell headed toward Puerto Escondido and I decided to stay for one more week. This is my first time in Puerto and it has been magical. Great people, awesome waves and new friends. The last two days has been firing and I am more than happy to share this gallery.


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WSL Big Wave Awards

WSL Big Wave Awards 

April 23rd, 2016, was day to nominate the biggest wave , the crazier wipeout , the best performance , the gnarliest barrel of the big wave surfing 2015/2016 season. 
Following the El Niño in California and documenting almost every swells at Mavericks it was very rewarding, two of my photos were featured by the WSL Big Wave Awards in their social media, which lead me to watch the event right there with all the gnarly guys and girls. 
It was a very special event for me for two reasons; 1) it was my first time in such one of a kind event; 2) it was my first year working independently as a full-time Surf Photographer, so this was a great reward. 
I want to say thank you to all athletes around the world for charging these big waves, it’s very heroic of each of you finding comfort under extreme surfing conditions. Also, a big thank you to WSL Big Wave Awards for the invite.  See you in the next swell!!
Pedro Bala


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Pedro Bala at 3 Fish Studios

Pedro Bala at 3 Fish Studios

El Niño at 3Fish Studios 
Thank you all for tanking the time to enjoy the weekend at 3 Fish Studios with me. Your support feels great and it was very pleasant to meet each of you personally. 
Hey 3 Fish Studios, thank you so much for being a great supporter of my work and have your doors always opened. This weekend you guys off the hook hosting this even with good barbecue and cold beers.  
I feel very great full, thank you!!! 
Pedro Bala


]]> (Photography by Pedro Bala) 3 Bala Pedro Photography bala bbq big el fish mavericks niño pedro photography studios sunday surf waves Tue, 19 Apr 2016 06:05:00 GMT
El Niño at Mafia Bags

El Niño at Mafia Bags

I want to thank you everyone for coming to this beautiful event, it was such a festive moment. Thank you :)!!! It was an honor to speak to you about my experience following the El Niño this season and your support made me feel really proud of every effort I put towards accomplishing it.

Working as independent photographer isn’t easy, but very rewarding when the work is fully accomplished, your following, sharing, buying are the greatest and the meaningful way to support my journey. I am really thankful to have you guys on my side. 

A big thank you to Marcos and Mafia Bags team for inviting me for this amazing event and all the support through out it.

Thank you everyone for your support,

Pedro Bala


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Pedro Bala Open Studio Pedro Bala Open Studio

Hi There,

Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by the Open Studio this weekend. Your presence and support was greatly appreciated and I was very happy to meet you and share a bit about my love for photography and Ocean Beach. Above all, I’m still stoked about this weekend’s Open Studio and how well it went. Sincerely thank you!!

I'm looking forward to have this happening more often, so stay tuned.


Pedro Bala


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Pedro Bala At 3 Fish Studios

Pedro Bala At 3Fish Studios

Hi Everyone!!

I’m excited to announce that on August 15th, 3Fish Studios will be opening their doors for a printing and photo signing at their studio in the Outer Sunset. There, we will be displaying some of my best surf photos of Ocean Beach – SF and freshly making prints.
I’ll be more than glad to meet you and share the story behind these one-off photos. The event starts at 1PM and will end at 5PM. Bring your family and friends to enjoy this event, and perhaps, find the perfect photo to decorate your home or surprise your special one.
I'm looking forward to see you there!
Pedro Bala


]]> (Photography by Pedro Bala) 15 2015 3 art august bala fish francisco outer pedro pedrobala pedrobalaphotography photography san show studios sunset surf Fri, 14 Aug 2015 20:05:00 GMT
Waves Of Jeri

Waves Of Jeri

In my recent trip to Brazil I drove to one of the most amazing places in the northeast of Brazil, Jericoacora, AKA Jeri. Most people know Jeri for its kitesurf sessions and relaxing time watching the sunset.

The surfing isn’t very frequent and it doesn’t get bigger than chest high when it happens, but mini waves break along the shore. Seating at sea level I watched and daydreamed about surfing at those mini barrels.

Going to Jeri this time was a great source of inspiration and added new perspective in my photography. These mini waves have a special touch. It's a majestic piece of art made by nature. Every time I look at these pictures I still keep dreaming about if those barrels would break at a real size in Jeri.

Pedro Bala


]]> (Photography by Pedro Bala) barrels do jeri jeri2015 jericoacoara mini pedrobala pedrobalaphotography photography por sol sunset waves Thu, 16 Jul 2015 20:05:00 GMT
A Fare Well Swell For Mavericks

A Fare Well Swell For Mavericks

This is probably the last swell of the season at Mavericks, which from what I saw there were already some people waiting for this moment before it goes into hibernation mode until next winter.

Even though this swell wasn’t strong enough for 40ft faces, at 20ft faces, Mavericks still makes a lot of people’s stomach to shake.


Pedro Bala


]]> (Photography by Pedro Bala) 17 2015 April California Mavericks area bay big francisco half moon photography san surf titansofmavericks waves Fri, 17 Apr 2015 20:05:00 GMT
This Morning At Ocean Beach This Morning At Ocean Beach

Today when I woke up I could see the orange sunrise coming through my window. I am the type of a morning person and even if I go to bed late I am able wake up at sunrise without a problem. So, I looked outside and there wasn’t any fog, so it’s time to go check the beach.

 Ocean Beach is my open air studio; the ocean, the beach, the shore, the surfers, they all inspire me to freeze those moments that most people would not see if it wasn’t for the photograph. Even though there were not that many people surfing, the sets looked really fun.

Enjoying my time at the beach this morning I created this gallery.

Pedro Bala


]]> (Photography by Pedro Bala) 03 12 15 bala beach california cove district francisco good kellys noriega ocean outer pedro pedrobala pedrobalaphotography photography san st sunday sunset surf surfing waves Sun, 12 Apr 2015 21:57:00 GMT
Epic Day At Ocean Beach

Epic Day At Ocean Beach

Saturday, Jan 24th was an epic day at Ocean Beach. I heard it was going to be classic, but had no idea it was going to be massively mind blowing. In the morning when I looked out of my window down the street, I could already see the waves breaking higher than the sand dunes. Wow… it was a dose adrenaline for me.  I didn't even think about having breakfast. I got my stuff and headed towards the beach.

Arriving at the beach, there were already some guys and girls making their way out.  As the minutes pass, people started to pop up at the beach, some of them were here to watch the waves, some others were here to insanely have fun at them.

I'm pretty new to the surfing community in San Francisco, so if know anybody in these pictures congratulate them for me. I’m super happy to put this gallery together and thank those running the show at OBSF.

Thank you!!

Pedro Bala


]]> (Photography by Pedro Bala) 01 2015 24 bala beach district francisco noriega ocean outer pedro pedrobala pedrobalaphotography photography san st sunset surf swell Mon, 26 Jan 2015 08:16:00 GMT
Mavericks Wakes Up

Mavericks Wakes Up

Northwest swells are arriving to Central California, and two powerful pulses have slammed the coast in less than two weeks, waking up Mavericks. These swells were good enough to kickstart the big wave surf season.

It always amazes me to see these guys doing their bit to get an adrenaline rush. For every complete drop, you can hear the joy all the way from the cliff and for every wipeout, you can hear the cliff echo, “WHHAAATTT!” It’s an exciting time of year, to say the least.


Stay tuned for more action, winter is coming and the waves will get more gnarly. 



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After The Hurricane Marie

After The Hurricane Marie

The hurricane Marie was a bless for surfers. We saw The Wedge breaking gnarly and Laird Hamilton shooting the Malibu pier. From south to central California de waves were pumping and I believe it was the cause of many call sick :). 

Huricane Marie is now gone, but its energy left a trace of great waves at Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz. The sunny summer day with a touch of fun waves led to create this gallery.


If you liked this photos, please check my instagram for daily feeds. 


]]> (Photography by Pedro Bala) California Cruz Hurricane Marie Pleasure Point Santa Surf bala glassy paddle pedro pedrobala pedrobalaphotography photography standup summer surfer waves Tue, 02 Sep 2014 04:41:00 GMT
Vans US Open 2014 Vans US Open 2014

Vans US Open brings the best athletes and spectators to Huntington Beach, Southern California. The beach gets crowded and the athletes push their surfing skill to the max. This year I had the opportunity to be at the event and follow the contest closely. 

I was amazed to see the best surfers from around the word competing until the best one stand tall. The contest's final was dominated by the Brazilians, Filipe Toledo and William Cardoso, and Filipe Toledo won it by taking his air show to the next level in the final. 

Please visit Waves to view more photos of Vans US Open 2014 gallery. 


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Por Trás das Lentes

Por Trás das Lentes

Last week I had the opportunity to be featured at RedBull Brazil. It’s gratifying to be recognized for my photography by one of the biggest name in the extreme sports media.

Por trás das lentes (behind the lens) is a project by Redbull Brazil focused on featuring surf photographers and their images; each photo has a meaning behind them empowering the photographer’s story.

For the full story and pictures, please, click here.


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